Individual Sessions – The Concept of “Active Healing”

The approach that my work is based on is called “active healing”. It is the client who, enters under my guidance, an active process of transformation and change. It is not a passive “consummation” of a kind of treatment but requires the active participation of the client and their resolve and determination to undertake a process of personal/spiritual development, transformation and healing that also has impact on the collective and transgenerational levels.

In the individual sessions, I use the methods for inner work in an integrative way. They include elements of breathwork, bodywork, movement, drums and sound, creative expression, shamanic journeying and vision quest work, and transgenerational transcultural ancestral work, in addition to psychodynamic psychotherapeutic integration.

I work with the invocation of the indigenous or shamanic “sacred directions” to embed the process work in a sacred space for transformation and healing. This space includes the individual and collective layers of consciousness and unconsciousness. The session commences with a brief fire ritual for cleansing and setting the intention of the client for the session. Towards the end there is a short water ritual for purification and manifestation of the intentions, and for reinforcement of our individual and collective and ancestral healing. A particular focus in my healing work is on the use of different trance techniques and shamanic methods from different cultures to access altered states of consciousness for personal/spiritual development and transformation/healing.


A wide variety of approaches – An Integrative Approach

 Integrative Gestalt psychotherapy / creative therapy / transpersonal psychotherapy/ shamanic and trance techniques


Based on the Concept of Interconnectedness

 This concept assumes that everything is connected with everything, influences all dimensions – beyond ego – and is all-encompassing and integrative. All dimensions are acknowledged and are worked with:

  • g. body-mind-spirit
  • social-cultural-transgenerational-transcultural
  • emotions, cognitions, psychosomatic experiencing, interpersonal, spiritual/transpersonal experiences, nature/ecology/cosmos
  • consciousness and altered states of consciousness.


In a nutshell …

Regardless of our age, we all carry emotional wounds and injuries around with us, just as we carry strengths and resources. These wounds – some deep, some less so – belong to us and they, too, make us who we are. The past and what has already happened we cannot change. But from the minute we address our Self, with all our wounds and needs, we can change something in our lives. We can learn to shed our old patterns of behavior, empower our strengths and resources, and go in new directions. This is an essential step if we want to organize the rest of lives consciously and responsibly.

I am here for you to guide you, to support you in this process of personal/spiritual development, transformation and healing, a process of metamorphosis.




Photo credit: Regina U. Hess