2016 Mexico Shamanic Expedition to Oaxaca

Ancient Sacred Sites, Indigenous Culture, Day of the Dead, and Pacific Coast

October 29 – November 8th, 2016

co-organized and co-facilitated by

Holos Shamanic Expeditions / Jaume Mestres and Magda Sole (Spain)


Dr. Regina U. Hess International (Germany)


Oaxaca is a state in southern Mexico known for its indigenous cultures. Its apital city of the same name is noted for colonial buildings often made of green volcanic stone. In the main square, El Zócalo, stands the baroque Catedral de Oaxaca. Beyond the city, pre-Columbian archaeological sites include Mitla, Yagul and Monte Albán, the Zapotec capital dating to around 500 B.C.E. The “Day of the Dead” is an ancient tradition anchored in the soul of Mexico. It represents a mixture of spirituality, religion, magic and history. Once a year the intangible borders between the living and the dead are opened that we can “coexist” in harmony on a spiritual plane. The deceased are remembered with humor and joy to express our affection and connection.

We offer a shamanic expedition to Oaxaca to enrich your spirit through the heart of Mexican indigenous culture. This retreat will enable you to intensify the discovery of your inner self. It will be a unique experience based on personal work, the richness of the group and the discovery of the magic and mystic ressources of this particular region. During our shamanic retreat we will participate in the Mexican ancestral traditions of the “Day of the Dead”, including visiting altars, saying prayers and doing offerings such as candles and marigolds, enjoying Mexican cuisine, and spectacular street parties with the local people.


You will be guided by two therapists and a coach to enhance your spiritual personal growth through the experiences and insights gained during this wonderful trip through luxuriant sceneries. The shamanic expedition will include journeys through diverse landscapes, including the Siera Mazateca¾the cactus of the desert área, the area of Santo Domingo and Río Grande River, and the breathtaking skyline of the great mountains of the Sierra Madre. We will spend time with the Mazatec people and will participate in rituals and an over night ceremony. We will explore the archaelogical site of Monte Alban and visit Santa María del Tule, where one of the oldest trees on the entire American continent to be found. We will stroll through local markets. We will travel towards Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan to participate in the celebrations of the “Day of the Dead”. The tradition is to celebrate life and death and make abundant offerings to the ancestors to honour them and to connect with them. We will mingle with the locals and visit the church of Santo Domingo. After these celebrations, we will travel to the Pacific Coast and the village of Zipolite, where we will stay in beach huts to enjoy calm by the sea. There we will have time for a closure of our personal and spiritual work on our retreat in the peaceful environment of the sea and a beautiful farewell celebration at the end of our shamanic expedition.



From October 29th to November 8th, 2016

11 days / 10 nights

Participants will fly individually to Oxaca

where the leaders of the shamanic expedition and retreat,

Regina, Jaume & Magda, will pick you up.


Regina, Magda and Jaume, the co-organizers/co-facilitators of the pilgrimage, are Board Members of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), experienced travellers and therapists, with a particularly background in shamanic traditions and shamanic practices. Magda, a psychologist, M.A. and transpersonal psychotherapist and Jaume, a coach from Catalonia, Spain are experts in Siberia and Mexico travels; Regina, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal therapist, and researcher from Germany, and has special expertise in South-East-Asia, Africa, the USA, and Celtic regions in Europe. We will assist the group as guides and support the psychological and spiritual integration of your experiences. Magda is the founder/director of IPTB, Barcelona Transpersonal Psychology Institut. Jaume is the founder/director of Holos Shamanic Expeditions, and Regina is the founder/director of Dr. Regina U. Hess International – Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Sciences, for the conservation of ancient wisdom, sacred medicine, integrative intervention, and research. The two organizations collaborate on these pilgrimage expeditions.


The main communication language will be English/Spanish. We also speak German and French. We will have local translators for translations from indigenous languages to Spanish/English/German.



Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

and/or to receive a detailed travel program.

Looking forward hearing from you,

 Regina, Jaume & Magda



 Jaume Mestres (Spain)


Skype: jaume.mestres2





Regina U. Hess (Germany)


Skype: regina.hess