Invitation to the 2017 Shamanic Expedition to Buryatia:

Siberian Shamanism and Sacred Site Lake Baikal /

Shaman’s Rock / UNESCO World Heritage

Siberian Pilgrimage & Shamanic Vision Quest

August 12-27, 2017

co-organized and co-facilitated by

Holos Shamanic Expeditions / Jaume Mestres and Magda Sole (Spain)


Dr. Regina U. Hess International (Germany)



The 2017 Siberian Pilgrimage and Vision Quest will be a journey from the north to the south of Siberia through Buryatia and via Lake Baikal. We will fly from Moscow to Ulan Ude, whence our route will resemble a sacred circle as we will travel e.g. on the Trans-Siberian Railway through the holy regions and sacred sites of Irkutsk, Olkhon, Lake Baikal / Shaman´s Rock, Khuzhir, Ust Barguzin, and back to Ulan Ude. The Buryatia region is unique in its wild and pristine nature, endless steppes, mountains, taiga, Buddhist temples, nomadic houses (yurts) and shamans, while Lake Baikal, called the “pearl of Siberia” for its beautiful nature, is the largest, deepest and at (25-30 million years) oldest fresh-water lake in the world. With enormous biodiversity, it has been declared UNESCO World Heritage.

Our transpersonal pilgrimage will consist outwardly of a journey through the mystical magical landscapes where shamanism originated, including ceremonies and rituals with shamans. For the inward journey, the focus will be a vison quest, involving self-exploration and self-realization. Our goal is to help you answer the questions you may have in your life and to enhance healing at the individual and collective levels. We will work in the sacred circle and will use different methods to expand consciousness and to support the exploratory process of your outer and inner journey.


The transpersonal methods for inner work will include in an integrative way parts of holotropic breathwork, bodywork, movement, drums and sound, creative expression, sacred medicine ceremonies and medicine songs, shamanic journeying, and ancestral transgenerational transcultural council work, in addition to psychodynamic integration. Our journey will commence with a fire ritual for cleansing and initiation of our intentions and prayers. Towards the end there will be a purfication ritual and water ceremony facing the Shaman´s Rock at Lake Baikal as a manifestation of our dreams and wishes, and a reinforcement of our individual and collective healing.

Regina, Magda and Jaume, the co-organizers/co-facilitators of the pilgrimage, are Board Members of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), experienced travellers and therapists, with a particularly background in shamanic traditions and shamanic practices. Magda, a psychologist, M.A. and transpersonal psychotherapist and Jaume, a coach from Catalonia, Spain are experts in Siberia and Mexico travels; Regina, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal therapist, and researcher from Germany has special expertise in South-East-Asia, Africa, the USA, and Celtic regions in Europe. We will assist the group as guides and support the psychological and spiritual integration of your experiences. Magda is the founder/director of IPTB, Barcelona Transpersonal Psychology Institut. Jaume is the founder/director of Holos Shamanic Expeditions, and Regina is the founder/director of Dr. Regina U. Hess International, for the conservation of ancient wisdom, sacred medicine, integrative intervention, and research. The two organizations collaborate on these pilgrimage expeditions.

The main communication language will be English. We also speak Spanish, French, and German, and will have local translators for Russian to English/Spanish/German.



Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

and/or to receive a detailed travel program.

Looking forward hearing from you,

Regina, Jaume & Magda


Jaume Mestres (Spain)


Skype: jaume.mestres2


Regina U. Hess (Germany)


Skype: regina.hess